I have had lower back/sacrum pain for the past two years, as a result of poor posture following knee surgery.  With just one 45-minute visit, Dr Davi evaluated my problem and gave me a set of exercises to begin.  It has taken ONE WEEK for the pain to disappear completely.  Despite years of chiropractic care, I was still in pain.  Dr Davi’s exercises caused the vertebrae in my lower back to finally shift into a healthy position.  In one week!  I am so happy.

Adam K.

We love Dr. Davi! Thanks to some diligent stretching, we were able to avoid the dreaded torticollis helmet! He was so good with my son and surprisingly gentle.

Kristen Y.

I highly recommend PT Solutions for helping your baby with torticollis. My daughter had a pretty severe case of torticollis at birth so we started treatment twice a week from two weeks old to 5 months. I’m happy to say that she’s all better now and it’s all thanks to Dr. Davi.

Jenny A.

Highly recommended physical therapy for babies and adults alike. Doctor Davi is very experienced. His treatment programs are efficient and effective, focusing on the patient’s core issue(s). You never once feel like he is extending a program beyond what’s necessary. We were referred here by our pediatrician at 3 months when we noticed a flat spot on the right side of our baby’s head. Dr. Davi identified our baby’s torticollis and created a very simple and effective plan to correct it. After just 2 weeks of visits, his prescribed stretches and at-home exercises noticeably impacted his neck/head turn preference and also, he started to excel at tummy time! After 2 months of treatment, the flat spot has rounded out nicely, our baby’s neck is much stronger and more flexible; plus, he’s starting to roll very proficiently. Coming to Dr. Davi was definitely the catalyst in helping our baby accomplish these physical milestones.

Michael L.

Dr Davi is fantastic! Highly recommend. I came to Dr Davi for recovery after a serious ankle fracture/surgery. He built a solid plan for me focused on getting my strength back for dance and yoga. I learned a lot. Dr Davi took my injury and pain seriously, and really worked to get me back! I felt like we had an exit plan, I wasn’t just going to be there forever. He initiated the convo about ending my treatment, that’s a first from a PT! He really explained what was going on, even bringing out anatomy books when I wanted to understand more. Can’t say enough good things. I’ve seen a number of PTs over the years and Dr Davi is top notch.

Angie B.