Alternative Health

During his years working within the standard constructs of western medicine, Dr. Davi began to think that something might be missing from his approach to healing. While most patients seemed to improve through a standard approach, there were those that didn’t. So he decided that if his textbooks didn’t have all the answers, then he would have to find some different books.

Over the next few years Dr Davi would develop a style that would add meditation, yoga and reiki to his tool box of modalities. By incorporating various style of medicine and healing rather than just one he was able to transform his practice from treating diagnoses to treating individuals.

Come Practice with Dr. Davi

Monday Evening 6:45-7:45 Hatha Yoga Equinox: Century City
Wednesday Morning 6:30-7:30 Power Yoga Equinox: Miracle Mile
Wednesday Evening 7:45-9:00 Deep Stretch Flow The Yoga Collective: Santa Monica
Thursday Evening 6:45-8:00 Stiff Guy Yoga Equinox: Westwood

For a deeper insight to Dr. Davi’s views on healing, check out his interview on Adventures in Health below:

Various styles of medicine and healing.

Adding meditation, yoga and reiki to his tool box of modalities.