Family Health PT You can have a life of physical freedom...getting there doesn’t have to be painful.
In fact, the whole point is to feel better.
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Physical Therapy can help children develop the strength
necessary for new skills in their transition from infant to toddler.
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Family Health PT No matter how much activity or how little, our bodies need
consistent and conscious care.
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Family Health PT Massage and Gentle Stretching for the
treatment of plagiocephlay and torticollis.
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You can have a life of physical freedom and getting there doesn’t have to be painful.
In fact, the whole point is to feel better.

You work hard at everything you do, but a one-size-fits-all Physical Therapy plan isn’t working for you. You make some progress, but then pain shows up and you plateau, or worse… you get injured and have to start all over again.

You’ve tried the stretching, the massages, the hot/cold presses, and have spent hundreds of dollars but you’re still searching for something that doesn’t just relieve your pain temporarily but gets your body operating at the level that makes you feel great.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, seeing patients in a clinic every 15 minutes and only having enough time to treat specific symptoms rather than their body as a whole felt frustrating for me, and for my patients. That’s why I left the broken healthcare system to form Family Health PT. I have since been re-energized by a client population that has invited me into their homes and trusted me to help them on their wellness journey.

There is no rush in this new system. I can look at the patient as a whole and not separate body parts that operate independently of each other. When we evaluate the body like this, we learn how one joint or muscle influences another. Giving my patients the full and undivided attention that they need and deserve, I’m able to aid in their long-term recovery.

By letting go of the traditional business model of a Physical Therapy clinic and by focusing on achieving real physical health with clients who are passionate and determine, I’m able to give my patients the level of care they deserve and the results they want!


Treatment for Torticollis & Plagiocephaly
Physical Therapy treatment for your newborn consisting of gentle stretching and massage, positioning for sleep and symmetrical gross motor development.
Developmental Delays
Not all children will hit their crawling, sitting and walking milestones as quickly as their peers. Physical Therapy can help move them in the right direction so that they develop the strength necessary to develop new skills in their transition from infant to toddler.
Pre or Post-Pregnancy PT
Having a child will not only change your body from the inside out but also change the dynamics of your day-to-day life. Whether you’re having pelvic, back, neck, or wrist pain, or are looking to safely get back into the exercises you loved before pregnancy, Physical Therapy can help stabilize the body and ensure you avoid injuries common to new moms.  Postnatal yoga can also be a great transitional practice and is offered as a service in many of our family wellness/new mom packages.
Adolescent Sports PT
Adolescents athletes can experience pain and injury due to the increased stress placed on their body paired with the immense growth they are going through. Sports-specific Physical Therapy can help develop the appropriate strength and coordination necessary to not only remain injury free but to excel in their athletic development.
Geriatric Care
Certain challenges arise as the body ages, and Physical Therapy can be helpful in not only slowing the decline of muscle deterioration but may also improving strength, endurance and quality of life.
Adult Orthopedic PT
Dr. Davi has experience treating adult athletic injuries as well as chronic pain resulting from the specific demands of your daily life. An evaluation will need to be completed for a proper Physical Therapy diagnosis.  From there, treatment may consist of massage, joint manipulation, range of motion and stretching, cupping, yoga and/or therapeutic exercise.